Selected peer-reviewed journal publications in STEM education

  1. Corey Schimpf and Charles Xie, Characterizing Students' Micro-Iterations Strategies through Data-Logged Design Actions, in preparation for Journal of Engineering Education
  2. Charles Xie, Solar Engineering Design Challenges for High School Students, in preparation for Science Teacher
  3. Charles Xie, Corey Schimpf, and Jie Chao, Atomically Fine-Grained Data Loggers as Cognitive Sensors of Learning, submitted to Mind, Brain, and Education
  4. Charles Xie, Corey Schimpf, Jie Chao, Saeid Nourian, and Joyce Massicotte, Learning Engineering Design through Modeling and Simulation on a CAD Platform, to be published in Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 2018
  5. Jie Chao, Charles Xie, Saeid Nourian, Guanhua Chen, Siohban Bailey, Molly Goldstein, Senay Purzer, Robin Adams, and Shane Tutwiler, Bridging the Design-Science Gap with Tools: Science Learning and Design Behaviors in a Simulated Environment for Engineering Design, Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 2017
  6. Zihui Zhang, Charles Xie, and Saeid Nourian, Are Their Designs Iterative or Fixated? Investigating Design Patterns from Student Digital Footprints in Computer-Aided Design Software, International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 2017
  7. Jesper Haglund, Fredrik Jeppsson, Emil Melander, Ann-Marie Pendrill, Charles Xie, and Konrad Schönborn, Infrared Cameras in Science Education, Infrared Physics and Technology, 75(3), 150-152, 2016
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  9. Charles Xie, Helen Zhang, Saeid Nourian, Amy Pallant, and Siobhan Bailey, On the Instructional Sensitivity of CAD Logs, International Journal of Engineering Education, 30(4), 760-778, 2014
  10. Konrad Schönborn, Jesper Haglund, and Charles Xie, Pupils' Early Explorations of Thermoimaging to Interpret Heat and Temperature, Journal of Baltic Science Education, 13(1), 118-132, 2014
  11. Charles Xie, Helen Zhang, Saeid Nourian, Amy Pallant, and Edmund Hazzard, A Time Series Analysis Method for Assessing Engineering Design Processes Using a CAD Tool, International Journal of Engineering Education, 30(1), 218-230, 2014
  12. Charles Xie and Hee-Sun Lee, A Visual Approach to Nanotechnology Education, International Journal of Engineering Education, 28(5), 1006-1018, 2012
  13. Charles Xie, Interactive Heat Transfer Simulations for Everyone, The Physics Teacher, 50(4), 237-240, 2012
  14. Charles Xie and Edmund Hazzard, Infrared Imaging for Inquiry-Based Learning, The Physics Teacher, 49(6), 368-372, 2011 (FEATURED ARTICLE)
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  18. Charles Xie and Robert Tinker, Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Chemical Reactions for Use in Education, Journal of Chemical Education, 83(1), 77-83, 2006

Selected peer-reviewed journal publications in non-educational research

  1. Georgios Archontis, K. A. Watson, Qian Xie, G. Andreou, E. D. Chrysina, S. E. Zographos, N. G. Oikonomakos, M. Karplus Glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors: a free energy perturbation analysis of glucopyranose spirohydantoin analogues, Proteins Structure Function and Bioinformatics, 61, 984-998, 2005
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  18. Qian Xie and Mei-Chun Huang, Chen-Möbius Inversion Theorem and a Crystallographic Representation of Directional Family, Physics Letters A 184, 119-126, 1993

Web publications

  1. Jesper Haglund, Fredrik Jeppsson, David Hedberg, Charles Xie, and Konrad Schönborn, Värmekameror gör det osynliga synligt, Venue, 2014 (in Swedish)
  2. Charles Xie, Yet another Java fractal generator, Java Coffee Break, 1999

Unpublished manuscripts (that were never submitted)

  1. Molecular Dynamics Simulations Beyond the Lennard-Jones Particles
  2. Molecular Dynamics for Everyone: A Technical Introduction to the Molecular Workbench Software
  3. Analytical Long-Range Embedded-Atom Potentials
  4. Computer Simulation of Electron Transfer Dynamics through a Fluctuating Protein

Book chapters

  1. Robin S. Adams, Molly Goldstein, Senay Purzer, Jie Chao, Charles Xie, and Saeid Nourian, Traversing the Barriers to Using Big Data in Understating How High School Students Design, in Design Computing and Cognition 2016, J.S. Gero (Ed.), Springer, 2016
  2. Glen Bull, Jennie Chiu, Robert Berry, Hod Lipson, and Charles Xie, Advancing Children's Engineering through Desktop Manufacturing, in Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology, Spector, J. M., et al. (Eds.), Springer, 2014
  3. Charles Xie and Amy Pallant, The Molecular Workbench Software: an Innovative Dynamic Modeling Tool for Nanoscience Education, in Models and Modeling: Cognitive Tool for Scientific Enquiry, Khine, M. S. & Saleh, I. M. (Eds.), Springer, 2011

Selected conference presentations

  1. Charles Xie, Visualizing Engineering Design Processes of High School Students Using a CAD System, AERA 2016, Washington DC, USA
  2. Charles Xie, Seeing Science beneath the Surface at the Speed of Light, European Science Education Research Association (ESERA), 2015, Helsinki, Finland
  3. Charles Xie, Visualizing Engineering Design with Process Analytics Based on CAD Software, NARST Annual International Conference, April 11-14, 2015, Chicago, IL
  4. Charles Xie, Large-Scale Research on Engineering Design Based on Big Learner Data Logged by a CAD Tool, NSF ECR Inaugural Meeting, December 6, 2013, Alington, VA
  5. Charles Xie, Natural User Interfaces and Science Education, HCI+ISE Conference, June 11-14, 2013, Albuquerque, NM
  6. Charles Xie, A Visual Approach to Nanotechnology Education, Micro Nano Technology Conference, May 21-23, 2013, Minneapolis, MN
  7. Charles Xie, A Time Series Analysis Method for Assessing Engineering Design Processes Using a CAD Tool, NARST Annual International Conference, April 6-9, 2013, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
  8. Charles Xie, Teaching Science with IR Imaging, Keynote, Inframation 2012, November 6-8, 2012, Orlando, Florida

Selected conference publications

  1. Charles Xie, Transforming Science Education with Infrared Imaging, Proceedings of InfraMation 2012, November 6-8, 2012, Orlando, Florida
  2. Charles Xie, Computational Experiments for Science and Engineering Education, Invited paper, MODSIM World Conference and Expo, October 13-15, 2010, Hampton, Virginia
  3. Charles Xie, Edmund Hazzard, and Saeid Nourian, Infusing Technology into Engineering Education, P-12 Engineering and Design Education Research Summit, August 11-13, 2010, Seaside, Oregon