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    Charles Xie

    Here is a question from a beginner:

    “I have downloaded Eclipse and opened a java project titled energy2d.

    I am now trying to export the project so that I may obtain the energy2d.jar file.

    However, I do not know which files from should be included when exporting as a .jar file?

    I believe that I am almost there and I very much appreciate your prompt response.”

    The attached screenshot image shows how to export energy2d.jar from Eclipse.

    Charles Xie


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    I am a middle school teacher. I discovered few days ago the wonderful app you developed. My students are presently working on Heat and Temperature unit. I created a model that I want them to have access online in order to compete a lab. However, I can’t save it as an applet, it saves as htm. Therefore, i am seeking some help. Thanks

    Charles Xie

    You can save it as an E2D file and post it in your Google Classroom or any similar system. Then you ask your students to install Energy2D. Once they have it and click the E2D file, it should open your model.

    Hope this help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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