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    Charles Xie

    Copied and pasted here to help others who might have similar questions:

    Q: “…my thesis is focus on solar thermal power plants and heliostat fields. I am trying to use Energy3D to design my own heliostat field and the tower but to be honest I am founding several problems to get it because I canĀ“t input the localitation and the tracked angle of each heliostat or the desing of the tower. Could you tell me if there is any tutorial to explain how to design it?”

    A: Two things you need to know in order to use the software: 1) Everything in Energy3D sits on a foundation; 2) There are many actions that can be accessed through right-click popup menus.

    To set a heliostat field in Energy3D, you will need at least two foundations, one for the heliostat field and the other for the tower.

    For the tower, you can easily throw in a box through the Import Prefab menu which you can find when you right-click on an empty spot of the land. After you import a prefab, you can then use the Resize Tool on the tool bar (or the Rescale Menu from the right-click pop-up menu of its foundation) to resize it to make a tall tower.

    Then you add a heliostat on the other foundation using the Heliostat Button on the tool bar. Once it is added, you can right-click on it and then select “Set Target Tower…” from the pop-up menu. Select the ID of the foundation that has the tall tower.

    The next steps are easy. Just copy the original heilostat and then paste it to wherever you want the new one to be on the host foundation for as many times you you want.

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