The Quantum Workbench is a sophisticated interactive simulation tool for studying quantum mechanics, with a strong emphasis on applications to nanoscience and nanotechnology. It is being developed by Dr. Charles Xie. Written in pure Java, the Quantum Workbench runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, provided that Java Runtime Environment 1.7 or higher is installed. The Quantum Workbench can be used as a standalone application for designing interactive quantum dynamics simulations. The simulations you have created can be deployed as Java applets that run on the Web without having to have the end users download and install anything except the Java Runtime. This flexibilty allows you to easily embed quantum mechanics simulations on your own Web pages, wiki, or blogs The Quantum Workbench also supports a script interface that allows you to create simple user interfaces for your simulations.

The Quantum Workbench is licensed to you under the GNU Lesser General Public License V3.0.