Since I started my own R&D shop in 2008, funding of my research has exceeded $15,000,000 (including subgrants to others but not subgrants from others). The following are the funded projects and the proposals.

  1. Principal Investigator, Learning and Teaching Engineering Design on a "Smart" CAD Platform, General Motors Grant 34871079, $200,000, 2018-2019
  2. Principal Investigator, Change Makers: Crowdsolving the Energy Challenge through Cyber-Enabled Out-of-School Citizen Science Programs, NSF DRL-1712676, $500,000, 2018-2019 (Proposal)
  3. Principal Investigator, Science and Engineering Education for Infrastructure Transformation, NSF DRL-1721054, $2.9M, 2017-2021 (Proposal)
  4. Principal Investigator, Visualizing Chemistry with Infrared Imaging, NSF DUE-1626228, $149,993, 2016-2018 Total: $300K (Proposal)
  5. Principal Investigator, Next Step Learning: Bridging Science Education and Cleantech Careers with Innovative Technologies, NSF DRL-1512868, $1,187,365, 2015-2018 (Proposal)
  6. Principal Investigator, SmartCAD: Guiding Engineering Design with Science Simulations, NSF DRL-1503196, $2,192,610, 2015-2019 Total: $3M (Proposal)
  7. Principal Investigator, Large-Scale Research on Engineering Design Based on Big Learner Data Logged by a CAD Tool, NSF DUE-1348530, $999,921, 2014-2018 Total: $1.5M (Proposal)
  8. Principal Investigator, SimBuilding: Teaching Building Science with Simulation Games, NSF DUE-1304485, $599,631, 2013-2016 Total: $900K (Proposal)
  9. Principal Investigator, Constructive Chemistry: Problem-Based Learning Through Molecular Modeling, NSF DUE-1245356, $88,768, 2013-2015 Total: $250K (Proposal)
  10. Principal Investigator, Mixed-Reality Labs: Integrating Sensors and Simulations to Improve Learning, NSF IIS-1124281, $958,439, 2011-2014 Total: $1.35M (Proposal)
  11. Principal Investigator, Enhancing Engineering Education with Computational Thinking, NSF DRL-0918449, $2,191,552, 2009-2012. (Proposal)
  12. Principal Investigator, Electron Technologies: Modeling Pico Worlds for New Careers, NSF DUE-0802532, $898,516, 2008-2011.

In addition to leading the above projects, I have also played a supporting role for the following ones:

  1. Co-Principal Investigator, A Fine-Grained Data-Driven Approach to Studying Sequential Decision-Making in Engineering Systems Design, NSF CMMI-1842588, $225,000, 2018-2020 (Lead: University of Arkansas, PI: Zhenghui Sha).
  2. Co-Principal Investigator, Integrated Science Practices Enhanced by Computational Thinking, NSF DRL-1640054, $2,497,165, 2016-2019 (Lead: Concord Consortium, PI: Sherry Hsi).

I constantly work with researchers around the country on developing research plans and grant proposals. If you are interested in collaboration, please contact me at