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Desktop educational imaging Desktop educational imaging


Scientists have long relied on powerful imaging techniques to see things invisible to the naked eye and thus advance science. Scientific imaging such as IR imaging represents a new class of inquiry technology — educational imaging, which holds the promise to fundamentally transform laboratory experiences.


We hope this website will provide a hub of resources and inspirations for those who see the transformative potential of this great imaging tool (and other similar scientific imaging or remote sensing techniques) in learning and doing science. We plan to add hundreds of videos to this website to showcase its broad applications. If you like what we are doing, please consider joining us to make this website a community effort. For example, you can submit your IR experiments or videos to us.


IR Thermographer Charles Xie IR Thermographer Charles Xie

Unless otherwise specified, these IR imaging experiments have been conceived and designed by Dr. Charles Xie (who also produced the illustrations and the videos on this website).

Charles's passion with IR imaging began in 2010 with a second-hand I5 camera. To him, an IR camera is a desktop remote sensing system for studying energy flows and transformations—core concepts in every subject of science. After being surprised by unexpected thermograms in a few very simple experiments, he quickly realized that IR cameras could one day become as important as microscopes for teaching and doing science. Since then, he has been working tirelessly to realize this vision.

This work has stemmed from a project (#0918449) funded by the US National Science Foundation. Their generous support is much appreciated. The layout and style of this website were designed by Ethan McElroy.

Produced by Charles Xie. © 2012- The Concord Consortium.

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