Engineering design is an extremely sophisticated skill that traditionally requires many years of learning and practice. It is now officially part of the national K-12 science standards in the US. But in reality our K-12 schools lack experienced teachers who have a deep understanding of engineering design. Our strategy to fill this gap is to develop a "smart" CAD tool that can generate dynamic, adaptive feedback for teaching engineering design -- based on logging and analyzing student actions in real time as well as calculating properties of design artifacts using computational physics. Being able to collect all the process data, this intelligent CAD tool will provide fine-grained "big data" for understanding how students solve engineering design challenges and for investigating how their learning outcomes can be improved --- at a satistically significant scale that is unthinkable before.


Saeid Nourian Computer scientist
Saeid Nourian
Charles Xie Computational scientist
Charles Xie

Energy3D is brought to you by a team of two dedicated scientists:

Dr. Saeid Nourian is the lead developer in the 3D design interface and graphics. He has conducted cutting-edge research in 3D graphics, haptic interface, and other virtual reality technologies. He is also the sole creator of the best 3D grapher in the world — Graphing Calculator 3D — that has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people. Saeid currently serves as the Co-Principal Investigator of two NSF grants (#1348530 and #1503196).

Dr. Charles Xie is the lead developer in the simulation and analysis engines. He has over 20 years of research and development experiences in computer simulation and software engineering. Since 2008, he has served as the Principal Investigator of nine grants funded by the National Science Foundation. A computational scientist, Charles has created Energy2D and Molecular Workbench that are widely used in schools and universities worldwide.


Funding of the development of this program is provided, in part, by the National Science Foundation of the United States under grants #0918449, #1348530, #1503196, and #1512868.

This program would have been impossible without the open-source Java 3D graphics library Ardor3D. Our deepest thanks go to Joshua Slack, the Ardor3D developer, as well as those developers who help maintain the library. We thank Katie Armstrong, Siobhan Bailey, Guanhua Chen, Shiyan Jiang, and Cormac Paterson for helping with the quality assurance. The layout and style of this website were designed by Ethan McElroy. The images of trees and people are from SketchUp's free 3D Warehouse (with permission to use) and the free clipart kindly provided by the Graphics Fairy.

Developed by Saeid Nourian & Charles Xie. © 2011- The Concord Consortium.

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