Engineering Design Showcases

The following real-world engineering cases are modeled or designed using Energy3D.


Datong, China (hypothetical)
Datong, China (hypothetical)
Mickey Mouse Solar Farm, Orlando, FL
Metro Airport, Detroit, MI (hypothetical)
Desert Hot Spring, CA (HSAT)
Floating Solar Farm, Manchester, UK

Concentrated Solar Power: Solar Tower

Khi Solar One, South Africa
Gemasolar Tower, Spain
PS20 Solar Tower, Spain
PS10 Solar Tower, Spain
Greenway Solar Tower, Turkey
Themis Solar Tower, France
National Solar Thermal Test Facility, NM
Badaling Solar Tower, China
Crescent Dunes Solar Tower, NV

Concentrated Solar Power: Parabolic Troughs

Saguaro Solar Power Station, AZ
Medicin Hat, Canada
Keahole Solar Power, HI
Archimede Power Plant, Italy
Noor 1, Morocco
Solana Generating Station, AZ
Martin Solar Energy Center, FL
Godawari Green Energy, India

Concentrated Solar Power: Parabolic Dishes

Tooele Army Depot, UT
India One, India
E Cube Energy, China

Concentrated Solar Power: Linear Fresnel Reflectors

Sundt Generating Station, AZ
Dhursar, India
Puerto Errado, Spain

Architecture Design Showcases

The following designs were created or revised using Energy3D (mostly by students).

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